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High-end American coffee company to brew beer from Balinese coffee

Good news for coffee growers. As demand increases for Balinese coffee products, wholesaler Customs House Coffee will open two new locations to sell coffee. They also introduced an idea: brewing stout – beer from coffee. Custom House Coffee and Ragged Island Brewing Company have announced the release of a brand-new beer created in collaboration. The…

Above Rooftop Lounge was voted the best in Bali for the year

Travellers searching for the best food, drinks and views Bali has to offer should look to the skies where a glamorous rooftop bar is serving up Asian tapas and custom-made cocktails. Hailed as the ‘Best Rooftop Bar’ in the 2019 Bali Best Restaurant Bar and Cafe Awards, Above Rooftop Lounge sits atop the Four Points…

Where are the best places to invest in Bali?

Its warm weather, stunning landscape and welcoming culture makes Bali one of the world’s most desirable places to live. Visitors just can’t seem to get enough of the glorious island, and more and more holidaymakers are either turning their short trips into permanent stays or securing holiday homes that they can retreat to whenever they feel the urge.