Cocaine smuggling granny is on death row in Bali – but she doesn’t want any fuss

Controversial topic reported by the Birmingham Mail: Lindsay Sandiford of Cheltenham, United Kingdom was handed death sentence in 2013 when she was arrested as she tried to smuggle £1.6million of cocaine into Indonesia.

Midlands grandmother Lindsay Sandiford is facing death by firing squad on the paradise island of Bali – but she doesn’t want her family there when the bullet is fired.

The former legal secretary was found with £1.6million of cocaine in her suitcase in 2013, which she was trying to smuggle into Indonesia.

And she has been behind bars on death row ever since.

The punishment in Indonesia is brutal – most drug smugglers and dealers are sentenced to death, reports MirrorOnline . 

And the execution method is terrifying – firing squad.

Lindsay Sandiford sits next to her interpreter during her sentencing at a courthouse, in Denpasar, Bali
Lindsay Sandiford sits next to her interpreter during her sentencing at a courthouse, in Denpasar, Bali

Prisoners are led to a grassy area where they can choose to sit or stand before armed soldiers then take their shots, aiming for the heart.

But if a prisoner survives the firing squad, the troops’ commander must then shoot them in the head.

It could be some time before that arrives. Most prisoners waiting on death row for more than 10 years with 130 people, including Lindsay Sandiford, are waiting to be executed.

Sandiford had worked in management for many years at a law firm in Cheltenham. She rented a house in the town but was evicted when she didn’t pay her rent.

The mum-of-two arrived in Bali from Bangkok in Thailand on May 19, 2012, but was arrested after the huge haul of cocaine was found in her luggage.

Sandiford fills her time behind bars with knitting, which she sells to fund her legal appeals (Image: (Image: Gloucestershire Live))

Sandiford insisted she had been forced to carry the Class A drugs by a criminal gang, who had threatened to hurt her family if she refused.

However, the gran dramatically changed her story when she was told she would receive the death penalty if she was convicted of drug trafficking.

She broke down and told officers that she had been asked to carry the drugs by an antiques dealer, Julian Ponder, who was British and living in Bali, and his partner Rachel Dougall.

Sandiford even agreed to take part in a police sting to catch the pair, along with a third person, Paul Beales.